Vinyl Records

Missing the sweet and sentimental sound of the black vinyl disc? Now you can have your own vinyl collection, printed with your name on the disc and jacket. Check out our products and we will accompany you every step of your way.


Cassette was one of the two most common formats for prerecorded music in 1980’s. Nevertheless, cassette is not eliminated throughout the media evolution. Many of the people still wish to have their own unique cassette and share this vintage media to friends or community.

Our Mission

Working in the industry for so long, we further ascertain our mission as to produce lasting media for the world profitably and responsibly forever. We would love to step further to retain the traditional vinyl craftsmanship for the industry.

Vinyl Manufacturer in APAC

We are an independent Hong Kong based media manufacturer founded in 1997. We are well-established with various quality and control systems, which can provide you with an excellent one-stop vinyl solution.